A Funnel is like a compass

Few from current generation have ever used a compass. We use Google Maps. What is a compass? Imagine how you would navigate the world without our technologies guiding us every step to our designated destination. Can you imagine going 20 years back in time? We used maps. What about 100 years back in time? We used compass to navigate our road.


When humanity first discovered compass, we could finally navigate our travels into unknown destinations with more ease. When we talk about funnels, I want you to understand, that the reason why we need funnels, is to navigate our customers to the right decision. The right decision is to buy a product or service from you, which is intended to help them. That make sense right?


When you design a funnel, you map out the different channels you receive traffic from and what kind of steps your business want them to enter. Design of a funnel is your way to ease the flow and the order of information you provide them. As you might understand, if you propose on first date - you're likely to get turned down.


Most people need more time to process and nurture as a lead. As these leads nurture, you also want your business to be rewarded. Small incentives at a time. For example, a new subscriber to your email list, another comment on your post. We all want to sell, but ultimately; you want to sell, and then upsell, by basically doing nothing.

With an effective sales funnel, you can significantly increase the lifetime value of your customers. Dude, it's a no brainer. Contact us for more information.

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