Plating business success

or how advertising is actually a lot like cooking

Have you ever thought about advertising as a process, similar to preparing a fine meal? Most probably not. But now that you think about it, it starts making sense, doesn’t it?

Finding a unique recipe, picking the perfect ingredients, and mixing them properly is often a process that requires time, experience, and expertise because the final result may vary - from a burnt soup to decent dinner or a culinary masterpiece.

So, how are advertising and cooking alike? They both go through a set of essential phases, such as:

Thinking about your customers

Your clients are the people that will consume your "meal." Keep their preferences in mind: What are they hungry for? What is the price they are willing to pay? Because advertising for a micro startup and advertising for a global brand is just like cooking in a cozy local tavern vs. cooking in a Michelin star restaurant.

Finding the perfect recipe

Are you going to look in the cookbook, or are you going to experiment a bit? In both cooking and marketing, this is a decision that depends on your previous background and your natural talent in the field.

Picking high-quality ingredients

Even the best recipe can fail epically if your ingredients are not of supreme quality. Marketers should pick their tools like chefs pick their vegetables. They should choose their creative elements like chefs choose their spices. They should measure their budgets like chefs scale their ingredients.

Sampling your dish

Even the best can take a wrong step every now and then. Too much salt? A slight targeting misuse? It will all be better next time until you keep on sampling and trying to recognize your drawbacks.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, sampling is called “monitoring and optimization.” Don’t merely produce your campaigns and leave them hanging out there - keep an eye on them and react accordingly if you notice that something’s wrong.

Making a memorable presentation

Cooks plate their exquisite dishes the same way in which marketers deliver their thorough reports. That is the essence of what you’ve done - make sure to make it plain, clear, and understandable for your clients. Plate your work and deliver it to the customer - because everyone values transparency and a bright outlook.

Bon Appétit!

Was your dish good enough? You will find out once your customers keep coming back for more.

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