How can the Understanding Your Customers Attitude Skyrocket your Social Media Advertisement Returns?

Every proven and respected marketing professional knows that digital marketing is not just about random experimentation and sudden bursts of inspiration. The combination of experience and creativity has a lot to give, yet there is something more profound, more substantial, and crucial for the ultimate success of any marketing initiative. These are the roots of our cognitive processes - attitude theories, behavioral models, social psychology, and the mere mechanism of the decision-making process.

Being aware of these fundamental concepts constitutes a steady ground to step on while designing your social media advertising campaigns. And one of the most important of them is named “Theory of Reasoned Action.” What does this theory say, and how can you successfully implement it in your marketing strategy? We are here to tell you the basics and give you food for further thoughts.

What is the Theory of Reasoned Action?

The theory implies that one can understand and predict an individual's behavior by examining (or why not creating, we might ask?) the motivation that will guide them in performing a particular action.  

ToRA states that an action is always preceded by intent or the so-called behavioral intention. It arises as a result of a particular belief that their efforts will lead to the desired outcome.  

The stronger the desire - the stronger the intent. The stronger the intent - the higher the probability of actually performing the action.

You already start putting the pieces together and realizing the potential of this theory for any social media marketing campaign. Because it all starts with forming a strong, pressing desire to achieve something, to get somewhere, to feel somehow, to be someone. And then slowly feeding that desire until the intent becomes so strong that the action is inevitable.

ToRa & Social Media - the perfect match

Are you already thinking of different ways to implement this knowledge in your current social media advertising campaigns? Because, you know, social media is where you can directly address large groups of people with potentially similar desires. You surely have the expertise to understand the potential of a thoughtful advertising campaign, based on the Theory of Reasoned Action, and then targeted at the proper group of people. 

Intrigued yet? The world of behavioral science is yours to explore, and Vesper Digital is here to navigate your way to knowledge, success, and, well… excellent financial returns.

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