Five Powerful Consumer Trends To Integrate To Your Business Plan in 2020

Do you want to boost the performance of your brand? Of course, you do. But you already know that long-term results depend on much more than just scheduling various advertising campaigns, no matter how good they are.

An intelligent entrepreneur needs to reflect on the latest consumer trends to build their image, their products, their campaigns, and their services around. According to a recent report from, you shouldn’t be missing these:

#1 New ways to experience social media

Yes, social media indeed did revolutionize both the way we communicate with each other and the way we do business. But it’s not all roses, is it?

In 2020, social media users are getting increasingly conscious about the drawbacks of large social platforms, such as bullying, shaming, burning, and tons of inappropriate content. They seek to join smaller, trusted, and safer communities. Organizing and managing a meaningful and supportive community may be one of the wisest things to do these days, so take your time to think about it.

#2 Addressing the burnout issue

In May 2019, The World Health Organization officially recognized “the burnout” as a health phenomenon, related to one’s professional occupation. The “always-on” kind of working environment came along with the smartphones, the wi-fi, and the practical inability to get away for a bit. So what can you do about it?

Obviously, you can change the world all at once. First of all, you can recognize the issue and integrate improvements in your internal structure so that your own employees would feel better and perform better. Later on, you can spread awareness and build a public image of a wellness brand, which doesn’t put profit before health. It’s an approach that always pays off.

#3 Green is not an option; it’s an obligation

Put shortly, a few years ago, brands got praised for being green, while in 2020, they are shamed for not being green. Which is good news, actually.

Sustainable alternatives in the production and supply processes are nowadays very widespread, commonly accessible, relatively cost-effective, and definitely game-changing for both your brand image and the future of the planet. In 2020, consumers are getting painfully aware of the imprint they leave behind, and that trend will only continue to grow. So, green is not an option anymore - it’s a must for every brand that aims to keep their heads above the water.

#4 Have you heard of brand avatars?

Influencer marketing, AI-based online assistants, machine learning chatbots - what is it all about?

In 2020, consumers are looking for personal, humankind of communication to get them through the process of engaging with a brand. Personalized UX and enhanced communication are trends that will inevitably bound you to develop a way "to take things to the next level." Digital brand ambassadors and brand avatars will, therefore, quickly seize being an exotic addition to your business plan, and start making larger and larger sense.

#5 Relevance equals survival

Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the overall rise of the “smart world” are significantly increasing consumer expectations for relevance. How about installing IoT sensors into your fridge and kindly ask it to purchase missing goods online? That’s the future, mates.

The metamorphic design will boost your performance like nothing else right now. That’s how Spotify creates your playlists. That’s how Google Discover personalizes your content. That’s how Amazon suggests products for you. That’s how farsighted entrepreneurs offer relevance as a service.

Are you intrigued yet? You can keep exploring the latest consumer trends or reach out to us to receive further consultation on novel ways to develop our business in 2020.

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