Case Study: NanoDri Europe - The Best Heat Relief Ever Made.

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The Kickstarter Campaign reached its goal ($ 10,000) with Paid Advertisement & Email Marketing. Our start-budget was only $ 300.

Early August 2019 (11.08.2019) NanoDri Europe and we launched a pre-campaign before the the real Launch of the Kickstarter Campaign. The goal with the pre-campaign was all about gathering emails from qualified leads.

We used a PCP Ads on Facebook and Instagram to send leads to a landing-page which explained web-visitors what NanoDri Europe is trying to accomplish and as well as product explanations.

"NanoDri® Sweat Proof hybridshirts use the latest Japanese nanotechnology. The shirts are thin, soft, stretchy, and fast drying. NanoDri® has been tested extensively for quality and functionality."

Our pre-campaign collected about 87 subscribers for a total of $ 150. Which is $ 3,4 in lead cost. The discussion whether those leads where expensive or cheap for a niche products revealed its true value as we launched the Kickstarter campaign.

The industry standard average Open-rate is between 15-25% and average CTA is about 2,5%. Our first email-sequence had an open-rate 67.6% and 25% CTA. Which equaled sales for 2K USD - I would say we kicked ass.

As we launched our main campaign we sold packages for $ 2,100 the first days.

The products could be purchased for 29, 39 or 49 USD per package. Which tells us each subscriber bought at minimum two packages or more. Those leads where on spot!

Only in a few steps we had reached 20% of our goal. Next up was a comprehensive ad-sequence which was optimized daily. In two weeks we reached 50% of our goal with an ad spend of 200 USD. Now our ad-sets where facing stagnation and Social Media Content did not help. We realized that we have collected data that would give us significant audience groups, and we just needed to adjust our message and in addition reach out to lookalike groups in other countries.

As a general rule, we only targeted english speaking countries, but decided to target well educated countries like Germany, Belgium and Sweden in addition pushed through the roadblocks. Our ad-sequence with optimized message and target audience went steady to our goal.

We continued with email sequences to those who haven't opened the previous email and manage to get a few extra CTA.

One week before campaign end we hit the goal. On the final day we reached $ 11,000 and went 10% over defined goal with a minimum of budget. A total of 245 Backers.

As for what we learned during this project: Testing audience enough to get significant groupings makes it easier to scale and adjust messages. Copywriters are vital to get out the right message. Email lists will increase your organic sale and WoM. Social Media don't sell as great as Paid Advertisement, but provide great reach and engagement.

Thank you for an interesting challenge, NanoDri Europe.

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