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Fall, 2019 - a business associate of mine reached out and requested help to his upcoming and newly organized Festival for a group of young people called "Russ".

Russ & Russefeiring is a traditional celebration in Norway for high school pupils in their final spring semester. The pupils are known as "Russ" and the celebrations starts around 20th April and ends 17th May, the Norwegian Constitution Day. Participants wear coloured overalls. Drunkenness and public disturbances are regulary linked to the celebration - Such Fun!

2020 would be his first year to organize this kind of festival. As from previous experience, Fastlane have organized several festivals for Students. Confident we decided to organize our campaign in two phases.

The Recruit stage and the Push Stage. Recruiting as many "Russ" before pushing any sale, providing as much valuable information as possible was identified as key points our first year. When we have the reach, then we can push the sale we agreed.

In the start we created a Facebook group to gather the "presidents" of the different groupings and a second group where the presidents could invite members. This channel would be our main communication for inside information. We also created a Public Facebook Page for show and to spread information to authorities and parents.

We quickly reached 500 members in no time, but recognized that the communication via presidents to members did not fully reach out. In total, the market contains 2500 new "Russ" every year. Therefore, we changed strategy. We had identified that a lot of Russ did not oblige to the Presidents in the different areas, the joined groups and followed the group advice. So, to lead the sheeps we needed to find the shepherd.

They advised us to create an Instagram Page with related content to make more people come part of our channel. We listened and did that, but the response were still somewhat slow. We recruited the Groups to sell tickets on Affiliate pricing and created simple contest with insane value proprositions. Also, we started to drop high quality content from Instagram page to lower quality, but more high frequently and relevance of message to our audience. All of sudden he hit traffic amounts we couldn't imagine.

Our reach climbed. Our group reached more than 800+ members and our social media accounts had more than 10 000 exposes on a weekly basis. All worries about reaching financial goals had suddenly gone away as we reached breakeven three weeks after changing strategy and two months before the Festival.

Unfortunately, a massive outbreak of the known Covid-19 made a stop of the Festival in 2020. Rest confidently that we will continue from where dropped next year in 2021 with a new Festival for the "Russ".

Our lessons from this project: Provide content that is relevant for the groupings to gain engagement and commitment. Find ways to network with groupings that can distribute ideas and sale. Force Majeure happens.

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