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We never gave up and made countermeasures. Finally, we got our first shot representing a local festival. Making sponsorships deal with other companies. This was the start of a long year meeting a lot of companies, making a business network and getting more representative deals in our portfolio 

We're on a mission to make business simple for hardworking businesses. Vesper Digital  offer insight that gives the competitive advantage. With a broad variety of online tools at our disposal, we feel confident about finding the best prescription to meet your goals and objectives.

story, vision and mission

The untold story

As the cold winter reached the city of Trondheim the whisper of dreams finally reached the ears to two former students. A couple of years ago they had finished their bachelor degree from the recognised Norwegian School of Business. Unfortunately, the job market was in a downturn.  After four years of struggling, Erling finally picked up the phone to call out Ingmar and ask if he wanted to start their own company.

We got ourselves a nice office close to the popular streets and was eager to get started. The first months was characterized by a lot of email campaigns and idea creations of concepts. Nothing was working and a sense of panic reached came as a  unpleasant chill down our spins. The fear of failing.

Vesper Digital AS is now a Marketing & Business Management Consultancy. We now offer Workshops and Consulting to help our clients optimize their inbound procedures and Social Media Marketing Campaigns. 

After a year with hustle, we realised that we had found a niche within digital solutions such as business development and lead generation. Therefore, we rebranded ourselves from Vesper Consulting to Vesper Digital this February 2019. 

Business made simple

Erling Humstad, Eiksund
Ingmar Leon,
Ter Stege