How does investing 1$ in Facebook Ads pay back 2$?

The success and the return of investment rates of your Facebook Advertising campaigns depend on several factors, taken into account by the AI algorithm of the most prominent social network.


Today we are going to dig deeper and discuss the essential factors that predetermine the achievements of every Facebook Ads campaign, as well as the elements that a thoughtful marketing specialist should inevitably incorporate in their strategy.


How does the algorithm of Facebook pay your money back?

Thoughtful targeting goes beyond the philosophy of the brand, to materialize in good advertisement returns and satisfying financial incomes. Once your targeting is on point, and your budget is adequate, the Facebook “magic” starts happening. How?


Our experience in designing and executing Facebook campaigns clearly points out one specific thing about the algorithms of the social network. In essence, they are not meant to reach a particular audience. They have the potential to increase the size of the niche market and enrich it with valuable fresh buyers, defined by the AI. All you need to do is stay aware of what you're doing and who you are aiming at.

The Deal-maker

Engaging your targeted customers


It’s not enough for people to simply see your ad and scroll down. The algorithms of Facebook are designed to drop your ad costs and improve your quality reach once your targets start engaging positively. Put simply - the engagement rate is super essential for organically boosting your reach.


At the end of the day, being thoughtful and flexible is of primary importance. Keep an eye on your results, analyze, and adapt. Sooner or later, you’ll start recognizing the pattern to guide you in your future marketing endeavors.


Put shortly, the more significant the amount you spend on advertising, the higher your priority as a buyer, according to the AI algorithm of Facebook. This means that as you bid more, Facebook will increasingly try to provide you access to the most certain buyers, based on their prior activity and online behavior.


Low advertising costs, on the other hand, encourage Facebook to experiment with your audiences. When your estimated reach represents just a tiny percentage of your potential audience, the outcome of the campaign may become highly unpredictable. The reason for that is quite simple - the less you pay, the fewer details about who you want to talk to Facebook understands.

Give Facebook data, and Facebook will reward you with highly targeted customers. 

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