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What do you actually know about your customers?

Every day, each of us makes numerous decisions concerning every our daily lives and business. From a Consumer Perspective, we generally make these decisions without stopping to think about; how we make them and what is involved in the particular decision making process itself.


From the Business perspective we have other contrast, you investigate details for what’s best for our company; simply because that’s what we are being measured on or our survival depends on good decisions. 

Funny, how it works huh? 

As Post-demographic consumers merged into our reality the lines became more blurry, which means it’s easier to understand and even manipulate the decision making. The reason why I am talking about decision makers is so you can understand what YOUR decision makers are looking for when they are considering products or services.  

There are level of decision making:

* Routinised Response Behavior 

* Limited Problem Solving

* Extensive Problem Solving

If your product or service require technical expertise, is expensive, is important, is complicated and even implies long term commitments. Then you certainly need to focus on something called Buyer's Journey, or as they say on the street; sales funnel. 

Your customers are lucky to have someone as devoted to learn and improve your customer understanding as you. From personal experience, when marketing fails it comes as a consequence of our inability to understand our customers need. The Buyer Persona is situated at the heart of any marketing strategy, and throughout every part of the sales-process. You have taken a step in the right direction.

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