Who are your targets?

Send your brightest "scout" to the market to gather information on the enemy and reliable intel of your field. 

Mapping out digital and physical targets is essential for any business to know whether the product or service your selling actually is a good sell. Many business are started every year, and only a handful is surviving the first 12 months. Even fewer, less than 10% survive three year. We also have examples of giants that went down as the technology changed the marked. Canon and IBM really needed to change their business model to survive. 

So, when all these companies had to restructure their business. What makes you think that you don't need to know your consumers? Relevance is one of the keywords nowadays, and if you don't obey the trends words like "chao chao bella" will occur. We are now offering you the chance to get help regarding this very issue. Schedule a online consultation and we will send you templates before our meeting and help you understand how to do this by yourself. No cost involved. 

First consultation is free and lasts 20 min. 

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