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The Basics

Digital Target Audience

Paid Social Media Advertising is the most cost effective way to promote your business. Each platform uses the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model. Which means you only pay if the user takes the action you want. Unlike traditional advertising this lets you engage with a niche market at a discount.

Two out of three factors has directly to do with your customer understanding. surprisingly, most of the Digital Advertisers out there, about 76% of them fail to use behavioral data for Digital Advertising for instance. What does this tell us in general? That most of the Digital Advertisers  don't know their Digital Target Audience good enough.

However, if you have experience with the platforms; you know there are more to it. There are three factors that determine the performance of your ad. 

  • The quality of the Ad

  • Budget

  • Relevance of your landing-page

The Digital Target Audience represent your best buyers. These people bring the most revenue and passion for what you do. Without a Digital Target Audience you're like Iron Man without his A.I. assistant J.A.R.V.I.S. - you're blind. As you might understand by now, a Digital Target Audience profile will change your whole Ad Campaign. Digital Target Audience simply just makes sense. 

Ad Campaigns is pretty much like Cooking.

You might have some experience in the kitchen. You understand that there are level of expertise. You also know about the shortcuts. Those shortcuts have been published year after year. They are called  recipes.


Once you know what you want to cook, you can find the recipe you need to get the result you wish for. In the same way with campaigns, you need to know what your goal is - and how ambitious do you want to? 

When we follow a recipe it become easier to close the gap between amateur professionals. We get to know what kind of ingredients we need. How to prepare them. How to take control and to monitor the situation. As you might understand, following a recipe will not make you a Masterchef or Genius Advertiser your first tries. Those things take... time, money and effort. Maybe even some talent.  

You, as many other businesses are probably testing out different Ad-platforms with various to no success. Next, you hire a amateur professional which dont deliver the result you were aiming for. As a result, your perception of these tools is that they don't work as promised. The real issue is when a bunch of amateur professionals don't  realize that these things, just like cooking or any other profession - takes time to master.  


Therefore, we feel obligated to inform you that we have been crafting our skills and developed unique market experience to your advantage. In our earlier days we failed, we tested and we learnt. With time and money we can crack any code. 

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