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Norway is a high-income economy, OECD member. 
One of the highest GDP per capita in the world; best index of quality of life in the world; economy very dependent on the revenue generated by petroleum exploitation


More than 5 million consumers and 577 067 companies ready to receive your message


Only a few steps from launch

Norwegians are known to be early adopters of information technology. Today, the internet penetration in Norway is about 97% - the highest in Scandinavia. The ability to use IT technology is one of the main reasons for the very high productivity in the Norwegian society. 

Get local tailored campaigns and guidance  towards the goal

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Market Research and implementation

Norway is most know for demanding taste and the need for a local touch. Before you launch a marketing campaign or expand your territory shop to Norway the absolute must have is a thoroughly analysis of how to approach, who to target, which channels, and how to serve it to the Norwegians in the best possible manner.   

Performance Marketing towards Norwegian Consumers

We have worked with social media advertisement in Norway with great results and offer online promotion as hands on consultants or advising part. We can tailor Norwegian messages and target groups as part of our service. 

Sponsorship Deals

Before anything else, we worked with creating great sponsorship deals. If your goal is to raise brand awareness we can offer a great network into festivals and other sport events and help create a good strategy for lead generation.

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We are local professionals that provide local insights towards promotions, facilitation of brand deals, market insights

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